Prayer is a language we all hear and speak in different ways. When we pray together – with diverse voices, from many backgrounds – we find meaning together. With engaging sermons and inspiring teachings, often leavened with humor, Rabbi Valerie helps us find lessons from Torah and the vast writings of Jewish scholars, which can be applied in our lives today.

Our services are fully egalitarian. They are structured with a traditional through line, surrounded by creative and contemporary readings.  Services combine both English and Hebrew. Our Reform Siddur, Mishkan T’filah, is fully transliterated, making the Hebrew accessible to all.

Through these wide ranging liturgical, musical and spiritual experiences, you will find worship that speaks to your heart and soul.

Monday Minyan

Our Minyan, a weekday afternoon or evening service, is held every Monday at 5:45 PM in the Abraham & Mae Persky Sanctuary. This Monday Minyan offers a peaceful, contemplative way to end the day as well as a meaningful community for those who are saying Kaddish. But it is much more. The minyan is a recognition of our concern for the community since our collective presence is necessary to sustain the value of tefillah b’tzibbur, communal prayer. Whether saying Kaddish, nourishing the prayerful spirit, or sharing company with our ‘community of prayer’, all are welcome.

At Temple Emanuel Sinai, we count both women and men towards a minyan (quorum) and will have the service even if ten people are not present. The services are usually led by a member of the congregation and are about twenty-five minutes long.

If you would like to volunteer as a service leader, please contact office@emanuelsinai.org.


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