Caring Community

Reaching Out to Each Other — Caring Committee

“The beginning and end of Torah is performing acts of loving kindness”
-The Talmud-

Our Caring Committee is made up of a group of congregants who care. We put that caring into action through telephone calls, texts, and emails. We also write notes of sympathy. These are some of the ways we reach out to each other.

Want to be contacted?
If you know of anyone who is hospitalized, housebound, or ill and would appreciate a call or email, please let us know. Just contact the temple office, and we’ll get the message. Call us at (508) 755-1257 or email us anytime at

Want to help others?
We also welcome anyone who would like to join our efforts to care for our community to please email us anytime at

Mi Shebeirach

Each week during Shabbat services our clergy read the names of people who are in need of healing: physical, emotional or spiritual. Rabbi Valerie also invites those present in the sanctuary to add a name aloud, but we can always choose to hold those names silently in our hearts. We then sing the Mi Shebeirach together, as composed by Debbie Friedman.

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