Within Judaism education has always been one of our highest values. Through a process of life-long learning we add value and meaning to our lives. As Reform Jews, we wrestle with text and tradition. Questioning is not only allowed but encouraged, even demanded of us

At Temple Emanuel Sinai, this invigorating learning takes place in a variety of settings and modalities. We have adult learners participating in the value of life-long learning, children discovering Judaism through our religious school, toddlers having their first exposure to Jewish Life at Tot Shabbat; and many times we all join together for congregational learning.

High Holy Days Honors

The High Holy Days are a time for reflection, introspection, prayer, and reconnection. Temple Emanuel Sinai needs participation from congregants like you to make the holidays meaningful. Many of the ways to help require no previous experience (e.g., reading an English piece)! Sign up today!


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