Brit/Baby Naming

Welcoming Your Child into Judaism

You’re about to welcome a child into your family – Be’Sha’ah Tovah!

As you prepare your home for your child’s arrival, your spiritual home at Temple Emanuel Sinai is ready to help you welcome your child into Judaism.

B’rit Milah or Bris is the covenant of circumcision. As first mentioned in Genesis, it symbolizes the continuation of our ancient and enduring bond with God. A B’rit Bat or B’rit Chayim is the ceremony of Reform Judaism which welcomes a baby girl into that same covenant.

The Baby Naming Ceremony

Rabbi Valerie works with each family to craft a joyous, inspiring ceremony which welcomes the newest member of the Jewish People into a solemn covenant, our congregational family and the global Jewish community. This ceremony can take place in your home or at the temple.

To schedule a B’rit Milah or a B’rit Bat or for more information, please contact Rabbi Valerie at

*We are excited to welcome our children into the Covenant of the Jewish People. You don’t have to be a member for Rabbi Valerie to officiate at a Baby Naming Ceremony.


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