Parking for High Holy Days 5783

L’Shana Tova!

As we have returned to in-person services for these High Holy Days, please review the following information for parking at TES during these busy services.

The following parking lots will be available for all High Holy Day services:

      1. Lower lot in front of TES entrance: reserved for mobility-impaired attendees. Although a formal handicap pass is not required to use this lot, we ask that you respect the need to individuals who have difficulty with longer walking distances to use the lower front lot.
      2. Lower lot to the side of TES entrance: General parking.
      3. Upper lot behind the TES building: General parking. Do not park on the driveway between the lower and upper parking lots – it is a legally-mandated fire lane and keshers/police will require you to move your vehicle.
      4. Overflow Parking: available at the JCC. Please wear appropriate footwear, as the path between the JCC and TES is only partially paved.
      5. Some street parking is available on Whisper Drive and Salisbury Street. We ask that you avoid parking in front of the houses on Whisper Drive, and leave enough room for smooth traffic flow off of Salisbury St.

Keshers in orange vests and uniformed Worcester Police Officers will be available on-site to help guide traffic and ensure event security. Please obey all instructions from these individuals.