High Holidays Music

High Holidays music is particularly important in creating the appropriate emotional environment to achieve a meaningful synagogue experience, be it in presence or online.

Much of the music we will listen to at TES these High Holidays is based on the classic Reform Repertoire, a perfect blend between traditional melodies and modern arrangements. The result is a very elegant and dynamic music that has its roots in the ancient sacred melodies of Israel. The piano arrangements give them a touch of the typical art song style we can find in Chamber Music.

We will also listen to many famous and moving modern Jewish choral works, including Heal Us Now (L. Sher), B’Rosh Hashanah (M. Finkelstein) and of course Avinu Malkeinu (M. Janowski). All the works will be performed in their original version.

On the other side, we will listen to contemporary popular works such as Elohai Neshama and Mi Shebeirach (D. Friedman), Shehecheyanu (T. Pik) and Hashiveinu (J. Klepper). I also feel honored to share with you my own setting for Ufros Aleinu.

About the performance itself, we will have different ensembles. While in the Family, Healing and Tashlich service I’ll be singing with my guitar, in the rest of the services you will listen to our gifted accompanist Brett Maguire playing our beautiful piano. Adding to that, on Rosh Hashanah Evening and Main Service and on Yom Kippur Kol Nidre, Main, Yizkor and Neilah Service we will listen to our professional quartet, which will take the musical experience to a whole different level.

The quality of the streaming will make this High Holidays a beautiful and meaningful experience, and I’m sure that be in your laptop, your TV or even your cell phone, the TES family will share this unique time or return to God, to our tradition and to ourselves.

Shanah Tovah